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Construction Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all project management activities for complex projects and prepare an effective schedule for all construction plans and recommend improvements to same if required.

Analyze and ensure compliance to all construction contract schedules and prepare all documents for construction management and provide support to all services and prepare final documents at project completion.

Coordinate with contractors and consultants and evaluate all proposals and administer all civil transportation projects and supervise efficient working of all project staff and ensure compliance to all design specifications.

Coordinate with company personnel and clients to resolve all project issues and administer and provide response to all requests and evaluate compliance to all plans and specifications for construction projects.

Design and implement strategies of contractors and design all project schedule and requirements and develop estimates for all change orders and perform regular tests on all construction activities.

Supervise efficient working of all construction specifications and ensure compliance to all record drawings and monitor monthly payment to contractors.

Collaborate with design team and ensure accuracy of all documents and maintain cost control on all projects and maintain quality at all times.

Administer efficient working of all field staff and participate in all meetings with contracts and evaluate progress on regular basis.

Assist construction team to perform all tests on commissioning projects and participate in all project schedule and prepare required costs for same and ensure approval of all personnel transactions.

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