Project Controller Responsibilities and Duties

Oversee, identify plan deviations and recommend resolution for project manager.

Monitor performance and determine improvement areas by developing key performance indicators for critical department metrics.

Complete ad hoc assignments to support capital transmission project delivery.

Create and execute internal controls and offer Internal Auditor services to assure controls.

Maintain current and forecasted Cash Flow data when compared to projected Cash Flow.

Manage project accounting databases to ensure timely security and control.

Offer direct financial communication with project team, internal financing department, subcontractors and Joint Venture owners.

Ensure financial information accuracy between program-level and subproject reporting.

Support Project Management Office Supervisor in project financial management and divisional reporting.

Administer and coordinate routine contract work using prescribed and standardized methods.

Coordinate with Fleet administrative staff to correct income entry and equipment cost errors.

Conduct cost variance analysis and schedule against baseline values through PMI Earned Value Measurement technique.

Enforce actual project data collection and weekly accurate estimates.

Recommend and execute corrective actions to handle project compliance.

Plan for high risk project strategic initiatives and ensure correct duration estimated tasks.

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