Project Officer Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and manage budget for each project working with program manager, meeting manager and meeting planner.

Manage and facilitate flow of essential information among company team members.

Maintain project calendar and milestones.

Establish quantitative staffing model used by foundation strategy leaders to describe staffing resource level to execute strategies given their specific execution choices.

Develop an insightful analytical tool used by strategy owners to inform resource requests, execution decisions, strategy choices and potential tradeoff needs.

Assist in foundation leadership to adapt analytical approach to establish resource need and thoroughly examine alternative execution choices.

Lead multi-year staffing plan development for foundation utilizing consistent methodology and language established within resource planning tool.

Assist strategy teams in utilization of calibrating inputs and interpreting outputs.

Provide cross-foundation analytics to senior management.

Guide, train and tutor new users on utilization of tool and underlying analysis defining its inputs.

Identify trends and shifts in execution patterns to inform changes or adjustments to model itself.

Provide input for development of new resource planning tool and resourcing process.

Interact with original developers to develop detailed technical understanding of conceptual structure and algorithm of tool.

Establish and record policies and procedures for maintaining and using tool and process, ensuring data integrity and consistent use across foundation.

Establish user’s feedback channels to allow for continual refinement of tool and process.

Update continuously training and user guide information for tool and resourcing process.

Manage, supervise and control multiple project through project life cycle.

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