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Senior Construction Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Study, evaluate and identify all tasks and risks from bidding to project undertaking, implementation and up to the final completion of the project.

Initiate site activity investigations and assessments.

Prepare cost estimates, cost analysis and budgets for a project with projected forecasts.

Evaluate and assess bids and project costs in the light of independent estimates and available data.

Prepare vendor and subcontracting documents for multiple tasks and projects.

Evaluate and assess equipment and recommend designs for the project team integrating safety measures.

Analyze, evaluate and initiate potential energy conservation measures while executing a project.

Design, develop and initiate site-specific safety plan including an accident-free safe work environment.

Lead, direct, assist and support construction teams to ensure deliverable processes on time and within the budget.

Review, analyze and approve expenditures for ongoing projects on a timely and periodic basis.

Prepare detailed, accurate timely project reports including work schedules, implementations, deviations, change in subcontractors, customer issues and other related problems.

Update and document all project schedules including implementation phases in a project and the management aspects.

Initiate and implement best practices, procedures and standards in compliance with Company’s laws.

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