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Construction Superintendent Responsibilities and Duties

Supervise all construction activities and ensure compliance to all design and budget and develop and maintain effective relationships with all subcontractors and suppliers.

Administer all activities on site and maintain knowledge on all project progress and prepare and maintain all construction budgets and solicit all subcontractor bids and ensure safe environment at all times.

Attend and represent organization on various on site meetings and maintain documentation for all construction schedules and maintain logs of all processes.

Evaluate all construction drawings and ensure accuracy in implementation of same and maintain an effective construction schedule for both engineering and construction department.

Assist in all special projects and perform on site visits and ensure compliance to all project specifications and guidelines.

Supervise permitting process and provide efficient support to environmental permitting group and ensure compliance to all health and safety procedures and provide support to design team and estimate all project requirements.

Perform all audits on contracts in coordination with engineering and construction department and maintain work according to contract specifications.

Develop all new manuals and guidelines for construction processes and maintain all contracts and update it as per requirement and determine efficient assessment systems for all construction procedures.

Provide training to employees and documents all processes and manage communication for all project metrics and monitor progress of all construction projects.

Provide support to all team members and design and implement an effective continuous improvement plan for all projects and provide feedback to all team members.

Collaborate with employees and ensure employee satisfaction for all construction processes and monitor all business results.

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