Construction Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties

Plan all construction and ensure adherence to all schedule and budgets and execute capital investment quality program and procedure and administer all capital projects and forecast all requirements and costs for same.

Collaborate with external and internal contractors and supplier for various construction activities and acquire all required permits and licenses for all construction processes and assist in development and construction.

Develop and maintain all capital and operation budgets and maintain quality in same and implement all procedures according to required policies and procedures to increase efficiency of all projects and maintain integrity of all activities.

Analyze all customer requirements and develop cost effective procedures for same and design innovation techniques for all construction activities and prepare reports for all processes and provide support to construction manager.

Oversee contractor everyday activities and ensure safety in all projects and evaluate and update schedule for all projects and maintain track for all daily manpower and budgets.

Evaluate and gather all manpower requirements for projects and coordinate with various construction resources for all projects and maintain knowledge on all specialty equipments required for projects.

Develop and assess all project plans and perform risk assessment on all projects and identify and design resolutions for all issues and recommend cost effective methods for same and provide status reports to all project managers.

Supervise all construction projects and ensure adherence to all GSP 19 regulations and perform research on all budget requirements and administer all change order processes.

Coordinate with various teams and participate in all claim resolutions meetings and evaluate work plans for all contractors and ensure completion of all tasks with help of all supervisors.

Develop and implement all project control tools and prepare an effective cost reports for all construction projects and provide training to all employees on various processes.

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