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Zoning Enforcement Inspector Responsibilities and Duties

Evaluate planning and zoning ordinances of municipality and ensure appropriate implementation.

Prepare drafts for zoning ordinances.

Administer maintenance code and identify all violations to same and prepare associate reports.

Manage queries for all citizens and maintain all zoning and property issues.

Maintain records for applications and issue grant certificates for same.

Analyze conditions and ensure compliance to requirements for rezoning and special permits.

Manage data and prepare reports for various neighborhood volunteer programs.

Evaluate construction site plans and ensure compliance to zoning regulations and issue certificates accordingly.

Inspect zoning sites and maintain records for all inspections and issue reports.

Analyze property and identify any violations and prepare notice for same.

Coordinate with public for all code enforcement for zoning.

Maintain records for all communication and prepare updates as required.

Collaborate with various departments for property nuisance abatements.

Work with Board of Zoning Appeals and resolve all zoning issues.

Coordinate with planning and zoning team and develop townships.

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