Consultant Industrial Engineering Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Analyze all industrial engineering processes and perform quantitative analysis for same.

Establish all timeframe and task requirement for all industrial processes and identify all risks.

Design and recommend improvements to all business processes according to all required industrial engineering methodologies.

Monitor and maintain track of all key process metrics and measure all results for same.

Administer all technological changes in industrial processes and evaluate various processes to assist in automation of same and ensure optimal level of customer satisfaction.

Prepare all quality control projects for all documents and assist to present all reports and assist in project set up.

Establish and effective lean processes with help of various techniques such as Six Sigma and Economies of Motion.

Coordinate with management and workforce requirements for all new processes and monitor effective implementation for same.

Monitor all new improved processes and determine effective production rate for all engineering activities.

Prepare all labor performance and ensure optimal utilization of workforce and monitor all task and its performance and design all labor plans to facilitate distribution program effectively.

Manage performance of all continuous improvements activities and assist to ensure use of all management techniques.

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