Consumer Sales Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

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Suggest and sell company products and services to reach sales goals.

Question and listen for clues to identify customer requirements and describe consumer benefits.

Accept customer orders and quote rates for single line service.

Identify customer communication requirements and suggest to satisfy product and service needs.

Attend customer calls on residence service billing and credit, collections and payment.

Correspond to customers to convey information on service orders, new offerings, rates and other associated matters.

Handle records and conduct routine posting and filing activities.

Develop and issue general correspondence and issue vouchers through billing systems.

Perform special analysis and research to satisfy customer and company enquiries.

Judge to negotiate customer issues.

Decide on procedure interpretation and specialized knowledge.

Discuss with consumers to suggest and sell variety of AT&T products and services to meet consumer needs.

Offer AT&T consumers with positive sales and service experience.

Discuss with multiple online systems during consumer interactions.

Reach sales quotas and service goals in fast paced call center environment.

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