Contracts Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Handle contracts from proposal to close-out phase.

Manage highly organized contract records.

Interface with customers to address issues and resolve within legal compliance.

Evaluate solicitation for risk assessment, support pricing strategy and determine proposal needs.

Develop and negotiate non-disclosure and teaming agreements.

Support subcontractor requests for proposals.

Interface with external customers’ contracting staff as per company policies, laws and customer needs.

Handle modifications negotiation and risk issues identification.

Develop small business plans and organizational conflict of interest mitigation plans.

Negotiate non-disclosure, consulting, teaming agreements and subcontracts.

Assess contract terms, conditions, prices and performance requirements for proposal submission conformity.

Develop and review contracts, terms and conditions and RFPs.

Determine contractual risks and issues and suggest optimal solutions.

Interface with finance, legal and business units for language approval.

Negotiate customer contracts as per company policies, laws and customer requirements.

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