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Deputy Editor Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare all contracts and assist to commission all articles and maintain track of all budgets for content development.

Evaluate all content for all articles to ensure accuracy and recommend modifications and changes to achieve all objects and edit all articles to ensure achievement to all quality standards.

Develop content for home page and category and sub category pages and assist to restructure and update all articles as per requirement.

Maintain quality of all content and evaluate it for punctuations and spelling and assist to translate all content from English to various Hispanic sites.

Evaluate all content to maintain accuracy of all articles and assign appropriate articles to all editors and oversee progress for same.

Prepare various reports for features and administer appropriate beat for various genres and administer magazine’s scoop sections.

Assist all women health books and magazines and coordinate with all editorial staff and interns for various activities.

Manage and assign editorial content for various feature articles and photo galleries and administer all existing content and provide required updates for same.

Prepare and maintain effective editorial calendars and develop various strategies for all editorial promotions and email campaigns.

Supervise all production tasks and draft all monthly supplements for all special projects.

Manage and organize all copy editing processes and draft and edit all online content for magazines and websites.

Prepare effective electronic newsletters and perform regular review on all editorials and assist to prepare appropriate plans for same.

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