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Editor In Chief Responsibilities and Duties

Administer efficient working of staff across globe and prepare effective editorial strategies for site.

Analyze all key business metrics and ensure compliance to same and maintain all brand message and style in all magazine editorial content and coordinate with published to design editorial calendar and adhere to timeframe.

Develop all content as per customer requirements and process all required follows ups and ensure optimal level of quality and accuracy in all articles.

Monitor efficient working of editorial staff and prepare an effective budget and prepare editorial calendar and supervise effective implementation of all social media resources and perform all edits to ensure final copy to be accurate.

Supervise and remove all plagiarize articles from magazine and maintain an effective editorial workflow and ensure original content at all times.

Assist and draft various articles for magazine and assist to develop effective articles for all magazines.

Supervise all stages of book publication and edit all books and ensure optimal quality in content in all magazines.

Participate in all staff meetings and develop and present paper at various office functions and perform all correction to same.

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