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Editorial Assistant Responsibilities and Duties

Provide support to all activities of editorial staff and assist all commission editors and supervise all contracts and royalties and coordinate with in house teams and writers and ensure compliance to all timeframe in publishing processes.

Perform research on various projects and ensure compliance to deadline and prepare summary for all projects and obtain all rights for various publications.

Perform all administrative tasks and proofread all manuscripts and publications and recommend corrections as required and coordinate with author on all content and revise manuscripts as required.

Coordinate with various departments to prepare an effective production schedule and ensure compliance to all deadlines and maintain professional relationships with all printers and authors and track project in all production stages.

Assist to draft all publications for school and university and supervise efficient working of support staff.

Evaluate all publications and proofread all copies and ensure accuracy for same and make corrections to reports if required and organize and plan various projects.

Perform research on new features and titles for books and assist all executive editors in all editorial work.

Provide an effective interface with all authors and agents and coordinate with production and sales staff on all publicity activities.

Administer and screen all book proposals’ and manage all materials and monitor effective transition of all manuscripts to productions and perform effective market research to facilitate sales and provide clerical support to staff.

Evaluate all programs and titles for editors and coordinate with editors to evaluate all manuscripts according to guidelines and provide reviews to all authors.

Analyze all competitive texts and develop text for all illustrations and covers and assist editor in all development projects.

Analyze all client deliverables and proofread all copies and documents all production activities and assist to design effective marketing materials for same.

Collaborate with designers and photo department to ensure accuracy in all materials and supervise efficient workflow of all projects and manage all inventory updates.

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