Editorial Director Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all recruitment of all section editors and draft all editorial guidelines to ensure accuracy in all content produced.

Develop all editorial content and incorporate in present sire and design and implement all editorial strategy to design an effective editorial calendar and maintain all content for web pages and monitor all metrics for same.

Coordinate with bloggers and social outreach to design and supervise all editorial strategies and ensure compliance to all target audience and maintain optimal quality of all content and prepare associate strategies.

Assist in various content migration activities and site redesigns and supervises all dining ventures to develop and implement all content effectively.

Analyze and allocate efficient editorial resources for all processes and maintain compliance to editorial calendar at all times and coordinate with published to assign required content.

Perform edit for all content and provide subject matter expertise for all editorial staff and coordinate with al contributors and editors to resolve all issues and monitor all issues and ensure compliance to all production schedules.

Perform research on all photos and coordinate with art director and evaluate and proof all materials and coordinate with publisher to develop and maintain all budgets.

Assist online editor to design all online materials to suit all print version requirements and maintain track of all ads and advertisers to invoice all payments and design all editorial and business strategies.

Collaborate with integrated media team and provide update to all business strategies and assist to transform all new model into content center and manage work of all digital editors.

Participate in all editorial meetings and design all original articles for all newsroom and ensure accuracy of all resources for online publications and magazines and coordinate with local market to analyze digital platform.

Monitor all qualitative tends for various digital platforms and design various strategies to ensure optimal online editorial coverage and administer all digital platforms and participate in all business development plans.

Manage all editorial projects and monitor all sales team and participate in all client meetings to resolve all client issues and participate in all digital team meetings and prepare summaries for all business development processes.

Monitor all objectives for editorial team and draft all content and supervise efficient working of website.

Collaborate with publisher and licensing director to maintain various publishing programs.

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