Corporate Development Manager Responsibilities and Duties

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Develop and execute decision-making frameworks to evaluate acquisition as well as investment opportunities.

Identify and analyze all prospective candidates for acquisition as well as investment.

Conduct rigorous valuation analysis using different methodologies) as well as business or integration case modeling.

Provide detailed guidance pertinent to potential acquisitions as well as investments.

Coordinate due diligence reviews of all prospective candidates and evaluate due diligence results.

Facilitate and manage acquisition plus investment processes with entire cross-functional groups.

Ensure to involve persons from Business Units plus Corporate Strategy, Human Resources, Finance, Legal, Site Operations, Product Development teams and Product Management.

Monitor continuously all market trends as well as competitive landscape to assist determine new business plus gaming opportunities.

Analyze business as well as corporate development to deal performing wide range of quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Manage to deal implementation process from due diligence across post-merger integration.

Prepare presentation materials to recommend apt solutions to executive team.

Prepare intelligence on social gaming industry through playing existing games.

Collect and analyze associated industry news as well as reports.

Prepare and maintain network of industry insiders.

Analyze and stimulate new strategic business opportunities as well as technologies inclusive of mergers plus acquisitions.

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