Deli Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage daily activities of employees to improve sales performance.

Supervise employees in various duties such as cooking, serving, packaging, and operating counters.

Manage product storage, maintenance and rotation activities to avoid any damages or spoilages.

Assist in preparation of inventory and sales budgets.

Analyze profit and loss statements and recommend improvements to meet department goals.

Schedule and assign works for associates on daily basis.

Assist in interviewing, hiring and training associates.

Provide training to staff on company policies and sales guidelines.

Respond to queries and complaints from both customer and employee.

Ensure employees follow company policies and store rules.

Coordinate with employees to operate the Deli store to achieve sales goals.

Develop sales promotion programs to attract more customers.

Ensure that products are properly labeled with prices and dates.

Monitor and maintain stock inventory levels to avoid over and under stock problems.

Interact politely with clients while solving problems related to sales, dissatisfied service and issues regarding store operation.

Operate all food preparation machines and equipment.

Receive, unload and stock the food items.

Ensure that facility is maintained neat, clean and safe.

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