Executive Chef Responsibilities and Duties

Supervise efficient working of all culinary activities and estimate required food on everyday basis and place required purchase orders for same.

Develop various new recipes and ensure customer satisfaction and ensure standardization of all recipes to maintain consistency in same and determine all quality standards and monitor pricing of all menus.

Maintain and operation all equipments required for executive team to prepare food and maintain safety regulations in kitchen.

Assist various retail food operations in develop new recipes and menus and oversee all food production procedures and cost.

Maintain safety and ensure sanitation in all activities and manage inventory all purchasing equipments.

Monitor and ensure resolution to all customer issues and recommendations and administer all employee issues.

Manage all waste food and ensure appropriate distribution for same and ensure achievement of all production objectives.

Administer all culinary activities and ensure optimal level of services to all guests and develop effective interaction with same to analyze all requirements.

Monitor all chef activities and ensure exceptional quality of all processes and complete it on regular basis.

Supervise all menu planning and implement same and maintain all activities to ensure compliance to all food standards and presentation skills and maintain hygienic environment at all times.

Coordinate with purchasing department to recommend purchases of all kitchen equipments and analyze all procedures to reduce cost and increase effectiveness of all products to ensure customer satisfaction.

Maintain all procedures and recommend new services and products to all guests and supervise working of all culinary employees.

Supervise working of steward team and achieve all food and labor cost objectives and maintain food standards in all processes.

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