Executive Pastry Chef Responsibilities and Duties

Train all employees in various pastry shop activities and ensure compliance to all recipe specifications and ensure optimal level of hygiene in work areas at all times.

Administer all budgets for pastry ship and monitor all costs of food and labor and assist in hiring and training of all employees and prepare and assist to garnish all baked goods and desserts.

Monitor all activities and ensure compliance to all standards and policies and provide require training to all pastry shop employees and provide required training as per requirement and prepare reports for various multiple projects.

Supervise all records for production of goods within required forms and assist to design an efficient grooming policy and manage and combine all raw ingredients as per all standardized policies.

Assist to prepare all baked items and ensure optimal use of variety of fruits and sauces to decorate goods and present all desserts artistically and coordinate with food and beverage director to develop ideas for new desserts.

Evaluate all banquet event orders and obtain all necessary information from clients and order all required ingredients in bulk and ensure optimal quality of all ingredients and products.

Manage all bulk ingredients and ensure all fresh products and ensure compliance to all governmental food safety standards and maintain all sanitation procedures to maintain optimal raw products and ensure absence of any contamination.

Manage all store goods and design ways to minimize all wastage and ensure optimal utilization of all baking equipments according to manufacturer recommendation and maintain neat and clean work area at all times.

Analyze and prepare reports for all equipment malfunctions and prepare reports for supervisors and assist to benchmark all menus at local and international.

Assist all staff developments and maintain high level of services and maintain an inventory of all food and beverage products and design new menus for all banquets and restaurants.

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