Customer Service and Sales Associate Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Provide outstanding customer sales and service support to better serve customers and improve business performance.

Greet, address and thank customers during business transactions.

Understand customer complaints/issues so as to provide appropriate clarifications and solutions.

Route misdirected customer requests to appropriate personnel.

Help to assemble and present merchandise to customers.

Contribute ideas to resolve customer problems to improve productivity.

Analyze complex customer issues and provide corrective actions.

Participate in meetings and activities held to improve customer satisfaction and business performance.

Assist in developing and maintaining long time relationship with customers for repeat business.

Improve customer service by answering calls, setting appointments, sending coupons, selling memberships etc

Maintain and update customer data on regular basis.

Help to monitor security of merchandises.

Maintain broad knowledge of customer products and services.

Assist in maintaining front desk and administration activities when needed.

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