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Box Office Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare everyday attendance records and maintain reports for all receipts and cash deposits for box office, oversee efficient retail functioning of organization and ensure optimal level of customer services.

Supervise efficient development and implementation of all ticket office policies and procedures as per customer requirement and prepare efficient box office strategies to handle ticket sales efficient and develop various fund raising strategies.

Develop and maintain professional relationships with all box office personnel and client sites and provide efficient training to all team members and coordinate with ticket master and manage all box office activities.

Ensure optimal utilization of Ticket Master system and prepare ticket reports and coordinate with all internal departments to manage all marketing and accounting procedures and maintain all required documentation and training material.

Monitor all customer requests and complaints and train all box office personnel to ensure optimal level of customer services to provide resolution and process all orders and prepare required sales reports.

Supervise all box office processes such as exchanges and ticket donations and prepare all programs for season shows.

Collaborate with producers for all discount codes and ticket offers and participate in all assessment meetings and prepare reports for all box office issues and maintain high level of performance at all times.

Administer working of all ticket sales staff and develop all box office policies to achieve all objectives and maintain good professional relationships with all customers at all times.

Provide excellent customer services and prepare schedule for staff and provide information on all show schedule, time and location and prepare everyday reports for efficient working of all personnel.

Oversee all ticket system activities and maintain accurate documents for same and participate in development of efficient customer services and manage all communication with same.

Prepare efficient reports for various departments and ensure accuracy of all information and provide an interface with all rental clients and analyze all rent performance and evaluate all ticketing requirements.

Assist various departments to manage all subscriptions and mailing lists for all ticketing events.

Monitor all box office operations and services and prepare schedule for all box office personnel to facilitate sales to customers.

Develop and process all box office tickets for efficient delivery.

Train and prepare working schedule for all box office volunteers.

Maintain records for all ticket sale sources and develop appropriate marketing activities and update all information for theatre programs.

Participate in all theatre sponsored and promotion events and ensure exceptional services to all ticketing clients and theatre renters.

Maintain inventory of all box office supplies and inform operations director to place orders and assist all ticketing system users to prepare various sales reports for all event enclosures.

Perform troubleshoot on all ticket sales activities.

Resolve all rental issues for all box office transactions and coordinate with director to maintain efficient and security in all ticket services for customers.

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