Copy Center Associate Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare projects for printing, document scanning and enhancement from start to delivery.

Download jobs from email or print queues, size, sort and finish.

Set up quality controls for work accuracy.

Reply to first level end user calls to identify problems, run test copies and know machine status.

Conduct glass cleaning, toner replacement and general work area cleaning through schedules trips.

Deliver and offer a competitive salary.

Maintain downtime logs, repair and handle copier and printer meter charges.

Offer quality reproduction of customer materials like binding, hole punching and copier maintenance.

Finish job tickets with minimum interactions.

Schedule individual jobs and identify equipment to be used on size and complexity.

Troubleshoot jams and conduct normal key operator preventive machine maintenance.

Oversee materials usage and supplies to manage effective levels.

Manage records and equipment usage logs and suggest technical direction.

Ensure accurate meter reads.

Manage knowledge through formal training and operations manual study.

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