Field Service Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage field service team to provide optimum customer services.

Develop workflow for the field service team.

Assist in goal setting, skill enhancement and performance reviews activities for field service staffs.

Investigate and resolve any issues resulting from substandard performance.

Ensure company policies and procedures are followed by the team members.

Provide training to service staff as needed.

Provide support and guidance to service staff to ensure timely and quality customer services.

Develop programs to improve technical and customer service skills of service staffs.

Address customer enquiries, resolve issues and obtain customer feedbacks proactively.

Identify and resolve employee concerns/complaints.

Maintain positive and healthy relationship with various teams to ensure customer service effectiveness.

Support service teams in achievement of service goals.

Assist in interviewing and hiring new professionals.

Ensure that the resources are properly trained to meet service objectives.

Help the field service coordinator in resource identification and planning.

Demonstrate outstanding customer service through maintenance of high quality and integrity at work environment.

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