Inbound Call Center Representative Responsibilities and Duties

Assist customers with all queries for products and resolve all billing uses and provide information on all product usage and respond to all queries of employees.

Administer all issues and recommend efficient resolution for same within required timeframe and maintain track of all transactions for all human resource processes.

Perform research for customer on all outstanding issues and provide required resolution to all customers and inform of status at all times and coordinate with technical analyst to prevent problems from recurring again.

Maintain knowledge on all human resource regulations and benefit programs to provide assistance to all callers and maintain confidentiality of all information according to data privacy requirement.

Schedule all call times for shift and recommend strategies to increase volume and provide support to all such events throughout year.

Provide optimal level of services to all customers through emails and faxes and manage all telephone communication with staff and clients.

Perform all telephone tasks such as taking messages and providing call backs and respond to all caller queries professionally.

Monitor all calls and deal efficiently with all upset customers and angry callers and monitor behavior of same.

Develop and maintain professional relationships with all customers and assist to handle all situations.

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