Resolution Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with vendors to resolve all account issues and escalate all unresolved issues to management.

Coordinate with external vendors to resolve all issues and provide appropriate response to all collection hotline complaints.

Perform research for all complaints and recommend required action for same and assist management to resolve all issues efficiently.

Manage all overdraft situations and perform ACH corrections for management and obtain required approvals.

Maintain records of all received letters from borrowers to facilitate consumer collection and evaluate same to settle all disputes and perform research on various issues and recommend corrective actions.

Resolve all borrower issues within three days and prepare all required documents for resolution and submit same to management.

Provide an interface with fifth third legal counsel and assist in all collection activities according to required procedures and policies and maintain all documents for resolutions.

Monitor all order associate issues and recommend resolution for all call center representatives and perform research on all customer billing issues and facilitate all payments.

Manage all account receivables and provide all check requests and assist to maintain records of all entries.

Prepare all reports for resolutions provided and maintain records of all status and develop and maintain professional relationships with all customers.

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