Customer Solutions Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Design and prepare technical presentations and recommend solutions for client issues.

Analyze competitor market and provide solution to all product offerings.

Coordinate with customers and resolve all technical issues and prepare documents for all.

Perform technical assessment at client site and prepare documents as per customer specifications.

Monitor and collect all technical information and design appropriate workflow for customers.

Monitor all customer business queries and use various technical resolutions to resolve all issues and design various processes for same.

Administer and collect all technical inputs for Proof of Concept and prepare presentations for validation solutions.

Analyze implementation of customer resolutions and recommend ways to maximize performance of processes and ensure customer satisfaction.

Manage and collect all data for present products and provide input to management.

Coordinate with customers and third parties and analyze all customer requirements and design appropriate solutions.

Maintain communication with internal stakeholders and provide mentorship to all processes.

Prepare and configure all customer integration and configure products to ensure optimal levels of customer satisfaction.

Develop and contribute to various articles for all internal and external customers.

Design various tools and scripts to provide support to projects and customize it as per requirement.

Provide appropriate tools to streamline all campaigns for active deployment.

Analyze customer requirements and provide resolutions accordingly.

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