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Customer Service Trainer Responsibilities and Duties

Assist training manager and resolve all training requirement for various customer operations.

Develop and maintain documents for various processes, assist in preparing appropriate development plans for same.

Provide optimal level of customer services to all customers.

Design and maintain training course for all materials and develop appropriate computer applications for manuals and hand outs.

Coordinate with various employees and provide feed back to all customers and maintain efficient knowledge on products.

Facilitate in providing training sessions, develop appropriate objectives and ensure achievement for same.

Provide training to all human resources and marketing teams as per requirement.

Maintain records of all computer applications and associate training materials and manuals.

Coordinate with marketing team and ensure regular updates for marketing deliverables.

Provide technical support to all new recruits and provide training on all human resource and marketing related job.

Monitor all client issues and provide training to resolve same.

Ensure optimal levels of customer satisfaction and compile all feedback to analyze work of employees.

Design quality score card programs and maintain feedback mechanism for all field services.

Coordinate with clients and provide optimal levels of customer services and recommend selling techniques.

Analyze customer check out procedures and recommend improvements to handle all tenders and sales.

Provide support to all national and regional store programs.

Participate in various team and store meetings.

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