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Associate Systems Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Evaluate all latest technologies to provide support to all businesses and maintain effectiveness of all program and implement all strategies.

Design all system models and specifications for all application development team and assist all business staff to ensure effective operation of all system and achieve all business objectives and perform regular security audits on processes.

Assist all executive team member and stakeholders to design business requirements and objectives for systems.

Provide resolutions for all systems and maintain all documentation for system configuration and mapping and perform investment analysis on systems.

Develop effective relationships with all internal customers and provide 24×7 infrastructure support and provide emergency support as well.

Provide an interface with control documents and prepare risk mitigation plans and prepare functional flow diagrams and coordinate with various managers and allocate departmental resources for systems.

Prepare project expenses and ensure delivery of products within time and provide assistance to all teams.

Provide technical expertise and design all systems as per client requirement and perform troubleshoot on all control systems fir electrical and distribution system.

Provide first level support to system engineering processes.

Perform troubleshoot on all hardware and software system and perform failure analysis to evaluate all processes and diagnose all software systems and analyze data to recommend improvements to ensure efficiency of projects.

Develop and implement all new strategies for all procedures.

Monitor all activities to prevent all unauthorized access to servers and coordinate with security team and perform audit on systems.

Provide emergency support to all internal systems.

Design system architecture with engineering teams and design operational requirements for all systems and monitor all configurations.

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