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EDI Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Provide support to all EDI production processes and develop and modify all maps for trading partners and coordinate with end users to expand all e businesses.

Provide an effective EDI interface and coordinate with all external trading partners and facilitate expansion for all international division and monitor all existing communication systems.

Design and maintain all EDI maps to ensure compliance to all business requirements and analyze all EDI implementations and recommend improvements to processes and coordinate with trading partners to resolve all issues effectively.

Prepare and maintain test data and perform various tests on all EDI maps and prepare all required documents and evaluate reports and design everyday logs on everyday basis and document all failed translation processes.

Monitor and documents all EDI requests and track all applications and participate in IT meetings on weekly basis and monitor progress for same in coordination with IT director and plan effective solutions.

Document all EDI solutions for system development life cycle and maintain all documents specifications and develop various transaction specifications as per requirement.

Monitor all EDI file processing and perform troubleshoot on processes to resolve all transaction file issues and perform tests on same and provide support to all client issues and maintain documents for all operational procedures according to data requirements.

Participate in all system tests and analyze all data and processes and recommend improvements to same and manage all communication with individuals and internal and external stakeholders and ensure compliance to all policies and procedures.

Analyze all routine processes of EDI and administer all system performance and data mapping processes and prepare reports on everyday and weekly basis to present same to management and participate in various meetings.

Maintain knowledge on working of all HIPPA EDI protocols and map all data for various ERP systems and applications and perform audit on all EDI processes to maintain accuracy.

Analyze and resolve all EDI issues in processes and maintain accuracy in all inbound and outbound documents and perform troubleshoot on processes and analyze all errors.

Coordinate with EDI trading partners to resolve all production issues and perform transaction tests and resolve all EDI issues according to specification and maintain all transaction sets appropriately.

Prepare all documents according to required guidelines and manage all communication with customers and assist to develop all EDI applications.

Evaluate all business processes and monitor transactions to resolve all lost transactions and perform tests on EDI maps.

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