EDI Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all receiving and sending of all EDI documents and perform troubleshoot on all processes to resolve all content issues and map problems.

Coordinate with Third Party EDI party and new Trading Partners to set up new processes and provide optimal level of customer services.

Collaborate with trading partners and perform tests on all EDI transmissions and maintain all documents for trading partner set ups and analyze all customer requirements for processes.

Design all EDI map documents and prepare all tests data and manage all communication with trading partners and assist to produce all operational documents for all end users.

Assist to prepare all control job queues and control Ethernet devices.

Manage all service calls and provide technological support to resolve all issues and maintain all processes to manage all inbound and outbound data.

Perform troubleshoot and repair all momentum scripts on everyday basis and evaluate all automate improvement processes and assist to internal and external technical staff in data transfer processes.

Collaborate with all source and electronic data and assist to process all cycle data and monitor everyday production transmissions and assist in electronic data transfer within required timeframe.

Provide technical support to all EDI application and monitor all inquiries for enrollment and payments.

Analyze all EDI transaction and prepare required documents and reports and coordinate with service providers, application teams for all clients.

Manage all communication with suppliers and perform all EDI tests for suppliers and coordinate with IT developers and design all new EDI documents.

Coordinate with trading partners to maintain effective EDI relationships and provide support to all internal departments and vendors.

Prepare plans and manage EDI customer implementation to meet to EDI requirements and manage implementation for same.

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