Embedded Software Developer Responsibilities and Duties

Assist in design and development of embedded software applications.

Perform design and code reviews and recommend improvements.

Develop new systems and enhance existing systems based on business requirements.

Assess potential risks and challenges and accordingly develop mitigation plans.

Work under the supervision of Manager in planning and completing the assigned projects within milestones.

Respond to customer queries and concerns in a timely fashion.

Provide assistance to other Developers when required.

Attend educational trainings and workshops for professional growth.

Work with QA team in system testing and bug fixing activities.

Follow coding practices established by development department.

Assist in development of design documents, functional specifications and coding documentations.

Provide support in development and testing of protocols to validate system performance.

Ensure that developed system meets business functional and technical requirements.

Analyze and troubleshoot system issues promptly.

Work with Manager in developing system architecture and designs.

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