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ERP Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Interact with stakeholders, customers and technical resources to design, implement and maintain security structures for delivered and customized PeopleSoft applications.

Audit routine security in all PeopleSoft environments to ensure all users are appropriately provisioned for their work function.

Analyze and resolve security and access problems related to delivered and customized PeopleSoft applications.

Write and maintain documents related to security design, implementation and practices.

Assist Finance and Operational departments to train and instruct users with respect to their specific day-to-day problems, execute corrective action when necessary.

Record and print solutions to end users as necessary.

Support managers in business process improvements, implementing best practices and fully utilizing ERP system capabilities.

Assist Finance and Operational departments in various projects to improve productivity of business processes.

Conduct routine periodic activities in ERP system as directed by Director of ERP to provide supporting information for organization and management.

Assist in customization of ERP reports working with DBAs and IT Security.

Support administration of ERP security and permissions for ERP users.

Collaborate with ERP System Analyst, ERP Specialist and IT Quality Assurance to test ERP modules.

Identify and record systems issues in conjunction with ERP Systems Analyst.

Ensure ERP system meets business requirements and goals and fulfills user requirements.

Monitor and identify problems in any of ERP system everyday.

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