GIS Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Design an efficient database and develop customize GIS according to client requirement and document all projects, provide support to all projects in coordination with statisticians and subject matter expert.

Manage various complex GIS tasks for business on computer and provide training to subordinates and prepare electronic assistance for further assistance.

Perform tests on all enhancements and new releases and provide support to all GIS applications at all times.

Coordinate with IT staff and provide support to all issues and recommend upgrade in software if required.

Provide an interface with nonprofit organization in city and administer GIS in environmental areas as well.

Administer and identify appropriate locations for tree planting in future and recommend optimal use of resources, analyze all map information from external sources such as Google Maps and Earth and recommend solutions to special problems of environment as well.

Prepare reports and drawings for all forest studies, collect and maintain all required data and facilitate usage of various types of GIS data such as remote sensing images.

Monitor all public and community services and prepare statistical reports for same and prepare presentations for meetings with help of quality maps.

Manage all data requests from internal and external sources and perform all metadata as per FGDC regulations.

Provide training to colleagues to effective use GIS systems and develop effective relationships with all institutions to incorporate programs in courses and prepare various model designs on SQL and Oracle database platforms.

Analyze all process flow and document all recommendations and solutions and maintain knowledge of all client requirements for business applications.

Prepare documents for all applications and collaborate with developers and ensure incorporation of GIS into various web based applications.

Participate in technology services and analyze all project results.

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