GIS Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Administer efficient working of all GIS staff, manage projects and evaluate performance of all employees.

Develop various layers and structure for all spatial data and coordinate with various departments to integrate digital data into platforms efficiently.

Maintain and operate all GIS related products, manage all components of system database and design and ensue achievement of all phases for project and assist in planning.

Coordinate with various departments and prepare all project objectives and analyze work of all projects and recommend solutions to resolve all issues in project and monitor working in all public forums and monitor budget for same.

Prepare and draft proposals for various training programs for GIS hardware and software and evaluate performance of staff for same and ensure optimal delivery.

Design and maintain control points for all geodetic data and utilized all registered geographic data to determine efficient quality control standards and provide subject matter expertise on same.

Monitor all GIS associate technology, recommend improvements and assess all related protocols and functionality.

Forecast and evaluate all present trends, anticipate all issues and develop efficient procedures to reduce all errors.

Analyze all GIS systems and prepare design for new GIS methodologies and related applications.

Prepare and maintain remote sensing in all databases and conduct various GIS training sessions in coordination with staff and assist all clients with application requirement.

Analyze all digital images and provide efficient support to all enterprises for GIS related data and supervise all development process for demographic databases.

Coordinate with database administrators and ensure availability of all GIS applications as per customer requirement and perform troubleshoot on systems on regular basis to resolve all issues.

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