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GIS Software Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and maintain an effective ArcIMS interface and configure required software in windows environment.

Provide database application support to large network and administer efficient SQL database servers and evaluate all designs and implement applicable GIS software across multiple databases.

Design various data decomposition diagrams and develop code for all database access and prepare modifications to all storage procedures and develop further advance database queries and verify same.

Maintain access database and perform survey on site to analyze all hardware requirement and prepare an efficient cross organizational database according to requirements of both internal and external customers.

Evaluate all data storage requests and monitor all requirements and processes to provide resolutions and manage all communication with technical and non technical personnel.

Develop test plans to enhance all software applications and document software specification all thorough development cycle and ensure consistency in quality all through process.

Develop system architecture and prepare associate design plans, analyze all GIS software and perform risk analysis to prepare various business cases and provide customer support to resolve all issues.

Design enhancements for all products in organization portfolio and participate in various design review and perform necessary repairs in products to provide support to end user.

Coordinate with engineering software architects and provide support to all design architecture and assist all associate engineers in development of GIS software.

Evaluate all designs and codes for entire product portfolio of organization and develop and maintain optimal standards for data.

Analyze and perform regular tests on various Geographic Information System provide efficient solutions.

Collaborate with sales and technical team and develop specifications for software and ensure effective implementation of same as per client requirement.

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