Industrial Security Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all information systems and processes all visit clearances to facility and obtain necessary approvals from all government agencies.

Coordinate with receptionists and security officers and provide assistance in all control issues and provide training sessions for all secretarial staff.

Administer and ensure efficient protocol to all employees and contractors and provide control procedures for all visitors and provide personal identification numbers to all access users.

Monitor and provide issuance to all public key infrastructures to employees and maintain track of all DoD security clearances and provide approval from various federal agencies.

Develop and maintain databases for all clearances and prepare required reports and ensure compliance to all industrial security management processes.

Perform regular inspection in security processes and participate in all required meetings and maintain all security programs and ensure compliance with NISP.

Assist contractors and determine appropriate security programs and perform regular inspection of all industrial facility and monitor special access programs.

Evaluate all contract documents and prepare all guides for security classifications and ensure compliance to all security requirements and prepare all application for various programs and perform research for same.

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