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Data Integration Developer Responsibilities and Duties

Manage data analysis and data integration of disparate systems.

Build extensible data acquisition and integration solutions to meet the functional and non-functional requirements of the business.

Implement processes and logic to extract, transform, and distribute data across one or more data stores from a wide variety of sources.

Optimize data integration platform to provide optimal performance under increasing data volumes.

Upload data into appropriate databases in accurate and timely manner.

Develop and document the data audit, archiving, and restoration processes.

Develop quality standards to ensure data quality and integrity across various database systems.

Provide problem-solving expertise and complex analysis of data to develop business intelligence integration designs.

Develop data integration standards according to the organization’s information services policies as well as best practices.

Conduct review of other integration developers’ development efforts to ensure consistent methodologies are followed and to make recommendations where necessary.

Work with Analysts and Business Users to translate functional specifications into technical designs for implementation and deployment.

Convert physical data integration models and other design specifications to source codes.

Ensure high quality and optimum performance of data integration systems in order to meet business solutions.

Follow company guidelines for programming and documentation.

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