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Interaction Designer Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze all strategies and design appropriate solutions.

Develop various interfaces for all customer interviews and perform required usability tests on same.

Design and produce various user requirement specifications for various interactive page layouts.

Administer project design team from conceptualization to implementation and develop all design deliverables according to specification and process flows.

Collaborate with engineering and content team to prepare production roadmap.

Monitor site performance on regular basis and analyze all trends and recommend improvements to same if required.

Prepare various social activities on social network and prepare social graph for all internet experiences for various desktops and mobiles.

Design various user interaction models and workflows and ensure compliance to all guidelines and prepare various creative prototypes and perform required market research.

Collaborate with product managers and developers and prepare all product direction and maintain knowledge on all competitor user interfaces and provide assistance to prepare all designs.

Coordinate with product managers and visual designers to design all user integration requirements and prepare required story boards and wireframes.

Manage multiple design products and assist all usability researchers to provide appropriate user feedback and ensure compliance to all project deadlines.

Design and analyze all interface architecture and prepare all user cases for all information architecture.

Design various process flows and navigation maps for various interactive processes.

Prepare documents for all user interfaces and provide efficient feedback to maintain quality of all products.

Assist engineers and product managers to design and implement all products and prepare documents for all visual teams.

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