Linux Systems Administrator Responsibilities and Duties

Install and maintain all server hardware and software systems and administer all server performance and ensure availability for same.

Maintain all system backup and assist to restore all procedures and provide required training to all users.

Design and maintain all system tools for all scripts and automation processes and monitor all capacity planning.

Integrate all required software and resolve all issues across various technologies and design require enterprise servers and provide back up support.

Evaluate all documents according to system requirements and evaluate all design and perform tests on all development activities and administer all complex methodologies.

Develop an infrastructure to provide support to all business requirements and perform regular troubleshoot on system to resolve all issues.

Monitor everyday systems and evaluate availability of all server resources and perform all activities for Linux servers.

Assist to configure and deploy all virtual machines and install and provide backup to all configuration procedures.

Maintain and monitor all patch releases and design various patch installation strategies and maintain all systems according to NIST standardization.

Administer all performance for various resources and ensure optimization for same and provide support to all applications and ensure optimal level of customer services.

Maintain and monitor all system frameworks and provide after call support to all systems and maintain optimal Linux knowledge.

Perform troubleshoot on all tools and maintain multiple servers and provide back up for all files and script management servers.

Perform tests on all new software and maintain patches for management services and perform audit on all security processes.

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