Lotus Notes Developer Responsibilities and Duties

Evaluate, define and record system necessities for workflow, data, hardware, logical processes and operating system environment.

Interact with various systems, external and internal checks along with controls and outputs.

Write, maintain and update documents to define application development, coding, testing, logic, corrections and changes.

Maintain and update Lotus Notes databases inclusive of functionality and testing verification.

Conduct programming added features like quality assurance and quality control.

Ensure application adheres and finally attains all established specifications.

Develop test data and execute tests to determine and resolve errors.

Present records of application elements along with Unified Modeling Language design.

Evaluate functional business applications and develop design parameters for functional areas.

Prepare logic flow charts and block diagrams.

Translate in-depth design into Lotus Notes on basis of solutions.

Test, debug and refine computer software to develop required product.

Develop required documents inclusive of user-level and program-level documentation.

Improve software to enhance efficiency and reduce operating time.

Direct programmers on technical aspect as necessary to ensure program attains set schedule.

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