MIS Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and maintain broad knowledge of company’s’ business and technology requirements and needs.

Develop and maintain system plan including operational requirements, budget requirements and schedules.

Develop and implement MIS policies to ensure data accuracy and security.

Develop and implement standardized MIS procedures across all business applications.

Develop process improvements for increased efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Plan and manage software and hardware installations.

Perform periodic maintenance and servicing of MIS system to improve operational efficiency.

Monitor MIS performance regularly to avoid unplanned outages and down times.

Provide customer support for OS issues, network problems and software installations, etc.

Conduct training on MIS activities to increase staff expertise.

Supervise and motivate MIS team to work collectively and efficiently.

Coordinate with MIS team to ensure that technology, infrastructure and operational requirements are met.

Plan and manage upgrades of hardware and software systems.

Track and monitor security of hardware and software systems.

Recommend and implement new technology solutions to improve productivity.

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