Network Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Participate in upgradation of IT strategies in association with executive team.

Prepare design and execute all short and long term methods to enhance infrastructural capacity.

Perform reviews and provide support to network strategies before implementation.

Coordinate with various departments and develop processes and policies.

Manage staff and perform completion of all assignments and help assessment process.

Prepare and negotiate reports on indoor and outdoor services.

Manage all communication between suppliers and projects.

Collaborate and implement all network software and hardware upgradation.

Perform troubleshoot and resolve different problem and evaluate LAN and WAN functionality to administer all shortcomings.

Install and maintain LAN and WAN, anti-virus, spam and other technological backups.

Coordinate with equipment vendors and workers for installation and relocation of specifying spots.

Enhance formulation of processes for ensuring message system administration.

Prepare deisgn plans and tests which are applicable to assist disaster recovery expeditions.

Supervise survey and ensure hardware and software upgradation process.

Evaluate critical business activities via analysis and determine specification of scope and impact of danger.

Determine upgradation of systems and ensure availability of offsite programs for recovery.

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