Network Security Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze and recommend different sorts of architectural networking system, assessment of hardware and software related problem and resolve issues.

Coordinate with customers and workers on al high level security projects.

Evaluate security process on processing units and facilitate growth oriented program.

Provide technical support to enhance proper device controlling systems.

Design security strategy in sphere of new networking fields.

Determine engineering needs and recommend appropriate changes for proposals.

Provide engineering network services to ensure high graded customer service.

Maintain and implement security strategy and standardization methods.

Analyze all records and recommend solutions for clientele based networking security measures.

Assist to improve all transitional program to initiate switchover process from Surf controlling filtration to Blue Coat filtration software.

Provide technical support to log aggregation set-up and assist in all response measures.

Prepare designs for improvement of network detection tools.

Participate in configuration and management program to install updated security tools.

Administer all security reviews on newly launched application as per requirement.

Provide operational backup round the clock.

Manage and resolve networking issues at time of problem detection.

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