Principal Systems Administrator Responsibilities and Duties

Provide support for system administration and network components inclusive of server configurations, emergency restoration services, backups and maintenance.

Present and maintain Citrix Server-farm in assistance of DoD and DON mandated applications.

Provide, maintain and perform Active Directory Administration.

Present and maintain MicroSoft DocuShare server plus application.

Provide assistance, maintenance and administration of all MS Exchange email software suite.

Supervise connectivity of network communications between various platforms.

Coordinate administration, technical plus transition activities with system administrators.

Provide evaluation and record of hardware and software specifications as well as requirements.

Assist new application implementation and migration of retired equipment into new hardware.

Ensure to install and operate systems equipments properly.

Provide operational support of GOTS and COTs products needed to maintain customer missions.

Provide evaluation, communication and atmosphere assistance for data conversions.

Implement migration of existing enterprise servers to new consolidated enterprise servers.

Integrate all servers to monitor tools as well as scripts to reduce downtime and enhance resource efficiencies.

Provide added systems administration assistance incorporating first and third Saturdays of every month.

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