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Data Steward Responsibilities and Duties

Assist various departments and develop strategic plans for data warehouse enterprises.

Determine and ensure compliance to all data management policies of company.

Prepare appropriate reports and define all technical terminology.

Design principles and policies to effectively govern all data.

Administer all business teams and manage work as a single point of contact.

Provide support to business processes and manage work as a key resource.

Maintain data and manage it according to data properties as required by administration.

Provide support to all special projects.

Administer efficient processes to capture and maintain all metadata.

Coordinate with stakeholders and provide all definition for data.

Analyze data and identify risk areas and recommend solutions for same.

Monitor metadata and associate modeling of toolsets.

Document all business findings and ensure compliance to regulation.

Administer team processes and documents same.

Manage all trouble tickets and provide solutions to application team.

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