Systems Designer Responsibilities and Duties

Conduct software programming through established design standards.

Own or share ownership of game content as per lead.

Prototype and iterate on core game mechanics and content.

Balance and adjust game-play experiences to ensure product’s critical and commercial success.

Coordinate with project team members to implement design and work through design revisions.

Ensure customer orientation and create use cases on User experience prospection.

Maintain specification documentation.

Learn proprietary tools quickly and work within a complex asset development pipeline.

Iterate over implemented content to enhance flow and game play experience.

Write specifications to explain new content and consider feedback for documentation.

Receive constructive criticism and respond positively.

Inform management and JCI contractor or customer of issues and progress.

Perform site training for owner on total system.

Follow safety standards for employee and subcontractor safety.

Partner with design team members to develop new game systems and concepts.

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