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Systems Development Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Plan, develop and test software systems or applications for software enhancements.

Develop device drivers, patches, operating system modifications and graphics modules.

Analyze, program and modify software enhancements and products used in local, networked or internet computer programs.

Use current programming languages and technologies, write code and test and debug applications.

Manage projects through all project lifecycle stages from concept to closeout.

Handle database systems, workflow management systems, secure system environments and usability engineering.

Install, develop, execute and customize hardware and software systems elements.

Handle software design, evaluate engineering, configuration management, statistical analysis and modeling.

Work with end users to support training.

Plan and direct potential electronic data processing applications.

Develop and install programs to support business applications running on PCs.

Design web pages, graphics, animation and functionality and develop infrastructure and applications.

Guide and support less experienced staff.

Enhance technical expertise through new process identification to resolve issues.

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