Systems Integrator Responsibilities and Duties

Develop software systems and utilities meeting business needs.

Manage projects to ensure timely production of quality product as per requirements.

Consult with clients to understand and determine software requirements.

Test software functionality and design concepts.

Analyze on large data and develop high level summaries.

Collect, analyze and suggest short term and long term budgetary activities.

Engage in working groups to streamline costs, determine risks and gaps and offer strategic support.

Evaluate and analyze high profile projects.

Oversee projects performance to identify areas requiring adjustments like portfolio rebalance.

Support Government customer onsite in VA and Fairfax and extend front office support.

Interface with Government executives and contract’s senior management team.

Extend technical support to accommodate leadership off-sites, surveys and conferences.

Support Program Manager and Board Chair to administer and operate Network Integration Steering Group.

Develop agendas, secure rooms and support security clearances.

Coordinate and ensure information flows between programs and organizational managers.

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