Director Corporate Development Responsibilities and Duties

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Support Department’s role in financial planning process across organization from development of guidance for business units through completion of Board deliverables.

Coordinate with corporate business units on various financial plan submissions.

Prepare timely and accurate financial plan information, analysis and presentations for various financial plan review meetings.

Perform competitive intelligence of company’s peers including data outlining their financial performance and business strategies.

Analyze and report key trends and issues impacting industry and organization.

Support dissemination of timely and accurate information for annual rating agency meetings and survey information.

Assist M&A transactions on an as needed basis.

Identify and enforce acquisition opportunities contributing to Fortinet’s objectives in meaningful way.

Manage an effective evaluation and due diligence process across functional disciplines.

Evaluate, develop and recommend deals and optimal deal structures to ensure maximum positive results.

Update and recommend senior management and Board of Directors regarding deal status, structure, valuation, strategic synergies, etc.

Ensure apt roles and responsibilities for post-close integration are clear and accepted before closing an acquisition.

Ensure closing process and agreements are handled appropriately working closely with legal, finance and other departments business partners.

Direct and manage integration process post-close across functional departments.

Cooperate and interact effectively with business leaders, team members and peers.

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