Director of Sales and Marketing Responsibilities and Duties

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Maintain focus on exceeding well established group rate guidelines through MARs.

Develop, maintain and execute strategies or action plans to produce revenues for hotel using entire hotel resources.

Enforce productivity of entire sales staff via development, guidance and support.

Lead and direct entire group, catering, transient, leisure and reservations sales efforts.

Compile, evaluate and present data for monthly reporting, strategic sales plan, sales and marketing budget, annual goals, forecasts and various reports as needed.

Survey, review as well as evaluate market trends, competition, customer needs and comments to be proactive as well as adapt with business intelligence.

Prepare and develop new sales strategies along with promotions as required.

Ensure to quickly change or else terminate sales strategies plus promotions ineffective with respect to output.

Collaborate with public relations and regional marketing efforts.

Lead and direct entire advertising, marketing, public relations and promotional activities.

Involve proactively in sales presentations, customer site tours, off property sales calls and customer entertaining with team of sales managers.

Participate actively in sales presentations, customer meetings and customer site visits.

Execute ongoing self driven education on hotel industry, organization and leadership.

Manage performance problems arising within Sales as well as Reservations teams.

Attain organizational sales revenue goals along with marketing expense budgets.

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