Director of Strategic Marketing Responsibilities and Duties

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Engage externally with clients and development partners to attain primary information for tested value propositions development.

Ensure to align priorities and allocate resources for Technology Team.

Lead main marketing initiatives for respective business segment concentrating on developing new product.

Attain applications development capability along with related commercialization.

Direct entire sales forecasting activities and prepare performance goals for regional teams.

Review market evaluation to establish customer requirements and common pricing strategy to result in apt market share over long-range.

Direct staffing, training as well as performance analysis to prepare and control sales program.

Direct imperative accounts activities and coordinate main account sales tasks.

Evaluate and control expenses of marketing function to comply with budgetary requirements.

Research, evaluate and supervise technological, financial and demographic factors.

Identify new products plus product lines to be developed within corporate structure.

Develop sales tools inclusive of specials, leaders, flyers and incentives.

Plan and monitor organization’s advertising as well as promotion activities inclusive of print, electronic as well as trade shows.

Perform with writers as well as artists to supervise design, layout, copywriting, paste-up plus promotional material’s production.

Coordinate all marketing activities with various Oldcastle companies to capitalize on cross selling opportunities.

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